[UPDATED] Play FORTNITE on any ANDROID | PROOF with GAMEPLAY on Redmi Note 3

[UPDATED ]Play FORTNITE on any ANDROID | PROOF with GAMEPLAY on Redmi Note 3

The Device should be capable enough to play the game . Even if u managed to install it on say 2gb ram phone, major chance of it getting hang etc. So Definately not for low end devices.

Fortnite APK: https://download.apkquick.com/file/Games/Fortnite/FortniteInstaller-2.0.2.apk.html

Gl Tools APK:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_rXZZfaKVQzV98CRGCqMS3yVeCfPrjH_/view

Google Drive Fortnite apk link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bdVORuc_D3GIliD76auy9JEEUY8Huf4S/view

If above didnt work this might help you –


* If you are getting kicked from the game
1.flash majisk
2. Hide Magisk (option there in majisk)
3. Hide root for fornite apk
4. For more safety uninstall every apps that access root access.
[N.B – Your Account will be banned 90% confirm so use secondary account ]

*UPDATE: Also one more step you may have to do, make sure to delete the “MagiskManager” folder if it exists. You can also run other rooted apps I found out! No need to uninstall them.

Thanks for watching !
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34 Comments on “[UPDATED] Play FORTNITE on any ANDROID | PROOF with GAMEPLAY on Redmi Note 3”

  1. the game here is opening quietly following all the steps of the video, until then ok, but when I jump from the bus the game takes me out of the game and returns me to the looby, saying that I am using some vpn or cheating, how to get around?

  2. Bro you hacked everything. You've showed everything but this game will soon be coming for many device. But from this video I've learned that if your device is not good you can play any game solution is rooting. I will wait for it probably for launch I've purchased new phn honor 8 Pro which is good phone but ya it's gpu is not supported it says your gpu should be Mali g71 mp 20 on other hand honor 8 Pro has Mali g71 mp 08. ?. Otherwise this phone have good ram and possessor.

  3. Plzz .. someone help me.. after I change my buildprop and restart my Hp , my device become lag.. Do have any solution to fix the lag? I am use kenzo rom, Miui 10 , 7.0 … Plz help me someone ?

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