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34 Comments on “Vanquish review”

  1. Spot on and couldn't agree with you more. Everyone now think every other TPS = "Oh, it must be a Gears of War rip-off.". Just the same way whenever a 3D hack n slash / button masher type game comes out (Bayonetta, Castlevania: LoS, ect.), "Oh, not another God of War wannabe.."

    I've been playing 3rd person shooters and hack and slash platformers since the eighties, waaay before any of those GoW games out. m I still can't understand how most gamers are so oblivious about their roots and history.

  2. What a ride this game is, I think its one of the best action games ever, its story is so unremarkable but the action more than makes up for it, its way up there with that movie desperado when it comes to best action anythings. please make vanquish 2

  3. @E3Daw Im talking very seriously.. I dunno i died many times on some points too, but it took 4 maybe 4 and a half hours with no cutscenes included, only play time.. Other that that i loved the game, but it was short and it has no multiplayer, and if it had it wouldnt work well

  4. @topografer Vanquish take four hours to beat without the cutscene?? You must taking about a Call Of Duty game because no way in hell it take four hours without the cutscene to beat this game. Took my ass eight to nine hours to beat this on normal and ten to twelve to beat it on hard. This game rape the living shit out of me . Now Call Of Duty series is what I called a terrible value with a four campaign and multiplayer get old really fast with overpriced maps and annoying kids playing online.

  5. I thought this game was awsome but as the reviewer said it has terrible value for money its basically a 4 hour campaign without the cutscenes, that can be replayed one more time in harder difficulty for more fun since you will have learned how to play the gam.. And that's it… That means if you find it cheap deffinitelly buy it, but 60 bucks for it is too much.. Not because its not good, its great, but there's not many things to do

  6. people on this video keep saying that there shud be multiplayer but that wud be shit they wud hav 2 take out the slo mo and that is a massive part of da game just be happy wiv da singlepayer its fucking awsome

  7. Gears of War style over the shoulder view? Are you kidding me? Cliff Bleszinski took inspiration from that very view used in resident evil 4 for his games. Guess who made Resident evil 4? The same man who made Vanquish, none other than Shinji Mikami. Just saiyan, you gave the game a good score, so no gripes there. Just people gotta be informed that's all!

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