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19 Comments on “VGT SLOTS – $100 MAX BET ATTEMPT #12 + GAME REVIEWS”

  1. The games that are just like Bourbon Street 7’s, where the jackpot symbol could trigger a red screen are like, Lucky Ducky, Polar High Roller, Bandito, Crazy Cherry, KOC, Reel Fever, Charmed Life, Mama’s Millons and a few others. Games like Mr. Money Bags, Gems and Jewels, Lucky Leprechaun, Crazy Bills, Squirrels gone Nuts, Red Zone, etc.., the jackpot symbol wont trigger a red screen, unless it makes a winning pattern on the payline. Games like Star Spangled 7’s, Major Bucks and a few others, could trigger a red screen with blanks. Meaning no symbol is on the actual payline. VGT, has a lot of other older games like Gushing Green, Next Stop Jackpot, Mr. Millionaire, Mt. Cashmore, Money Mistress, as luck would have it, etc… your doing fine man, keep up the great work!

  2. The KC is also my fav VGT, I'm not a Moneybags fan. I prefer the ones that pay off the line too. I've hit the 20k twice on KC $2 & once on the $2 bourbon Street. About peed my pants all 3 times. Love your videos, keep em coming.

  3. Saw a guy hit single bars at Newcastle on a $100 machine Saturday night. I didn't see how much he put in the machine. I love the videos and VGT machines. Keep em coming

  4. VGT'S are just about the only thing I play. I've won more Jackpots from them than any other game!! I also agree with you about auto spin, there is no advantage other than it munching your money up FAST!! Thanks for sharing the videos!! Good luck!!??????

  5. Agree with you on the auto spin – I don't do that. I like to pace myself and as you know from my videos, I vary my bet up and down as well 🙂 Good luck on that $100 machine, I hope you jackpot it soon!

  6. I agree with not using auto spin. I am a big fan of pacing myself, even varying a second or 2 between spins. I firmly believe (if there is an RNG), and the RNG stops the milli-second you hit the spin button, than allow the RNG to cycle numbers for a small amount of time, just to ensure your getting a varying mix of numbers cycling. Great video! Keep playing, commentating, and as always, keep beating down those VGT slots!

  7. Tks for sharing and providing the money saving info wrt Auto Spinning. You unselfishly demonstrated how 98.78% of the time, the result will be Winner!..To the House.
    Oh, and as a side note, as Im sure you would want to be correct, the game that is reflecting The King of Nashville and later, Las Vegas, aka E to close friends, is "King of Coin". Both words King and Coin are singular; no "s" on the end of either word. Again, Im absolutely sure you would want to be 100% correct.
    Also, I may have missed it, but the name of the game after King of Coin where you demonstrated what Auto Spin will do to your Dollar Amount, is:
    777 Bourbon Street So there we have it. My favorite games, VGT, and other than another Aristocrat game, Buffalo, are the only games I play N of the Red River, and S of the Land of Oz.
    Take care and be good to each other!!!

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