Vice SHUTS DOWN Gaming News Site! Is KOTAKU Next?

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After massive layoffs, Vice shuts down gaming site Waypoint by rolling game content into the main site. Could Kotaku be headed for a similar fate now that Gizmodo has been sold to a media group that promised no layoffs… but is still laying people off? I think it’s possible.

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G/O Media New Owners Of Kotaku, Gizmodo, The Onion Lays Off 25 Staff

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Waypoint, Broadly, And Tonic Folded Into Vice Following Investment From George Soros Et Al

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37 Comments on “Vice SHUTS DOWN Gaming News Site! Is KOTAKU Next?”

  1. If the entire Russian portion of the internet were to be locked off from contact with the rest of the world, the SJWs would make a sudden nosedive after being cut off from the troll-farms that create most of the anti-fandom/gaming "content". Of course, the bigger issue is all of the established corporate shareholders (ie: Disney) who think that "Russia is the Future" and are therefore opening up all of their own paid mouthpieces to Kremlin operatives who like to play chess with our opinions.

  2. Well, I think that's great news! I mean, the shape of what is left in those websites and organisations is implied to be SJWs and the same skein of thinkers who want to pressure payment processors into cutting out the finances of people who disagree with them. Good riddance!

  3. Now that the investors hoping for profit are walking away from far-left digital media, the only thing that can keep these sites alive are the Soros types who are willing to invest for political reasons and not everyone is going to get a slice of that pie.

  4. Oooooh no… not Kotaku… But they are my favorite Snobby Videogame Evangelists! How will I know how offended I should be at videogames trying to have a select audience?

  5. From 2014 to 2019, these sites have destroyed themselves due to their behavior towards their consumers.

    I feel for those who were still true to pleasing the fans and keeping their integrity, but I believe when 2016 came around most of them had left and jumped the sinking ship to save their careers to go on to become independent game journalists.

    Wished to have known who are still left from Games Journalism from 2005 when it used to be better times back then.

  6. We have Bioshock series, Deus Ex series, Portal/Half Life series etc. which greatly explore political theme and questions humanity.
    Then comes "gAAAmes journalist" posting articles as "Cuphead's art style is racist by default", "Mario 64 uses homophobic slur".
    What did they expect audiences to react except laughing their asses off or calling them stupid?

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