Weird Mario App Bootlegs – Game Glitch

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Today, I take a look at some Mario Bootlegs… Great…
Note: A few things didn’t render properly (you may notice stuff like the little white bar under the Mario picture), but I spent so much time making it and rendering it that I thought that I’d upload it as is!
Copyright Avery Miller
Subtitles are available!
Disclaimer: Fair use lets me put copyrighted material in my content without explicit permission from the copyright owner.
Written, Produced, Directed, and edited by Avery Miller
Stock Photos by Ben Miller and Photo Rack
Game Glitch Intro:
Music- A remixed and restored version of an unused theme song found in the code of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

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Nintendo Videos:…

The Complete Game Glitch Playlist:…
(This video will be released into the Public Domain on September 25th, 2028.)

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