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Are you ready for “the mother of all guns, the Atomic Fusion Cannon?”

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25 Comments on “What is Turok and Why Are People Talking About It? – IGN Now”

  1. Fun Fact: Iguana Studios eventually left Acclaim and formed Retro Studios under Nintendo and the majority of the original Turok devs made Metroid Prime 1 before they left Retro Studios post release.

    So it's funny you say Turok had platforming before FPS platforming was perfected in Metroid Prime 1, 'cause it's the same dev people that did both!

  2. Honestly I like the PC version of Turok mine is your dream these games back I miss playing Turok Sarah make another one how is based off a comic book character but now he is a comic book character that's still air rumors there will be a movie about him

  3. Does anyone know why the game is only rated T? That’s what it says on the eshop. Also this guy probably wishes there would just be another port of ocarina of time instead…. which would likely be 30+ dollars. I don’t want Zelda I want the stuff I can’t already play on the go.

  4. Those who mock Turok have no idea how unique and cool it was. You could fire explosive arrows straight into the air and rain fire upon your enemies. Automatic shotguns. Half a dozen BFGs. Random portals. Giant and ruthless bosses. Platforming. Nintendo made the right call to modernize this.

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