Why Do Some XBLA Games Go Missing? – IGN Discussion

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The case of the missing downloadable games. Daemon tells you where they might have gone or if they will ever come back.

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28 Comments on “Why Do Some XBLA Games Go Missing? – IGN Discussion”

  1. Go to settings->account->download history and scroll down until you see double dragon. then you can re-download it. Or go to live.xbox.com, log in, go to my account -> purchase history and then filter on arcade games. Scroll down until you see Double Dragon, then click on "Add to Queue".

  2. what's next? DIGITAL GAMING. THIS IS a perfect example of why im totally against digital gaming. i bought double dragon & i cant play the fucking thing! did microsoft give my money back? no. FUCK DIGITAL GAMING, they'll take your money & for any or whatever reason they'll take it away from you. this happened with the games i have in my ipod as well, i got a message saying:"purchase the game to get the full experience" WTF?!?! i already have! WTF!!! whats next? whats next? whats next? whats next?

  3. Marty: DOC! whats going on, why are all the games disappearing?
    Doc Brown: Great scott! it seems With Midway gone all the great arcade games vanishing from existence!
    Marty:What are we gunna do Doc?
    Doc Brown: I've got it Marty, we need to go and stop Midway from making those awful games in the last 5 years, and go back to the past to save the future!


  4. lol you're dumb this video is about downloadable games. why don't you read the title first before you start calling people a dumb ass. everyone knows that to play online on xbox live you have to pay while on psn its free. but this video was talking about downloadable games. i hope what i just said helped broaden the education you won't be getting. because you probably dropped out of high school after the first week. 🙂

  5. Some part are true, but it's only in mainland china, I am in Hong Kong, we're all technically free from China censorships (I am using youtube and Facebook now!). Japan is also part of Asia, do not stereotype all the asian countries.

  6. PC version had achievements, you may be thinking of that. Halo 2 never had achievements on 360 though. If anything it was just a Games on Demand title.

  7. How did you manage that, I bought an elite back in 2008 and have never had a problem with it (once left it on for several days by accident and it still works). Ironically I went through 5 of the original 2001 xbox's before getting one that works.

  8. I left 360 due to having buying 3! In a 2yr span Ive been gaming since atari and never had a system fail me until recently. Im sure your aware of PS+ 360 rarely hands out anything. Outside of Halo Gears Forza online wheres the variety? Lastly I do miss avatar golf though… Peace

  9. full of crap, say what? I deleted Ultimate MK3 because i needed the space to try something, and when i went to redownload it the next day… nope, gone. can't redownload it.

  10. You know, I was still able to download the TMNT Arcade after it was taken off XBLA. I went to gamestop.com and purchased a redeemable code from their website, then redeemed the code on XBLA and downloaded it from there. I wouldn't be surprised if you could do that with any of these games on this video.

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