Why Video Games Are Moving From Consoles To Cars

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As more cars are built with features that enable them to drive themselves, people will be freed up to do other activities inside the car. Gaming could be one such activity. Two major automakers recently announced new in-car-gaming initiatives.

Tesla said it would expand gaming services available through its cars’ infotainment centers. The automaker rolled out Atari’s Missile Command, Asteroids, Lunar Lander, and Centipede games last August. Now, Tesla cars come with 2048 and Atari’s Super Breakout games.

Mercedes-Benz announced an in-car-gaming challenge that asks participants to create games for cars of the future. The challenge, which is open to students, developers, and startups, emphasizes augmented-reality gaming and interaction with other motorists. Finalists will present their games at the University of Stuttgart for a chance at a cash prize.

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Why Video Games Are Moving From Consoles To Cars

39 Comments on “Why Video Games Are Moving From Consoles To Cars”

  1. Yeah, i can see this to be a thing. Playing Sessions inside a car with snacks and all the things you need to play your game and sometimes a toilet break at the gas station or some shit Lol..
    I´m not against this approach from car companies, but how will it work in the long term?.

  2. why not just a power outlet and a screen? Let people buy a playstation, xbox or whatever they want instead of going "Hey, you want the ultra extra tesla car gaming package? Now comes with Pong… AND TETRIS! Just 599 dollars extra……."

  3. Super bad idea. 80% idiots driving already so now they driving and playing online . They should get sued to the hill once ppls get killed. Idiots cant drive and talk on cell phone. All these laws for idiots driving and chatting on the smart phone oh my bag dumb phone.

  4. haha this video is funny. They are not MOVING but add some of them. The best video game will never be on cars cause it needs focus and time to play and no one will spend huge amount of time in the car when they can just sit on sofa or chair and play games. Just because u can put a Fortnite( which the only game mainstream media knows about cause they earn the most money) in the game doesn't mean they are "moving" it.

  5. Fair comparison, Tesla has released tons of games on all current production models while Audi and Daimler have made a commercial about video games with a 3 replacing an E. Can’t wait to try out legacy auto video games in 2035 once they include their first game, pong.

  6. They don't need to waste money creating their own console … just integrate those already on the market; android (google playstore), apple store's iOS games, PS4 and XBox games…. jesus christ. FFS don't do like Nokia/MicroSoft and try to create your own platform. People have already invested a lot of time and money into other platforms, they won't want to start from scratch on another platform with only a handful of games.

  7. thats the stupidest thing to exist they havent even figure out how to improve the battery technology but they are already bringing games to cars?! dont we have enough needs already?! how about all that ebergy waste?! we already have portable console, tablets and also phones .

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