Xbox 360 Achievement Glitch Hack Profile Edited

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From iLukeC :

Hey This is a Hack/ Edit i can do to you gamertag which is easy with just a simple tool, i transfer your gamertag on to my computer and simply do it all there. I am willing to do this for a small price. Please post any offers or if you are interested

10k-20k = 1Month Live
20k + = 2100MSP Or 3Month Live & I’ll Max a Couple Of Games.


-Will i do this for free?
Nope sorry

-Will you teach me how to do this?
Yes i will but u will need a transfer kit.

-Will you need my account details
Yes i will but i aint gunna do anything with it so don’t worry, i have two perfectly good accounts of my own

-Will You go first?
Stupid Question, NOPE!

Can i get banned for this?
Nope, you can get your gamerscore reset if i do stupid amounts of gamerscore like 50k+. but if you really wanna risk it by all means, no my fault though.

Can i do individual games?
I know how to but i prefer not to as this is such simpler and i actually feel safer doing it this way.
So i won’t do this for you

Anymore Questions? Just Ask. 🙂

Thanks iLukeC

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