Xbox 360 NXE Dashboard (2.0.8498.0)

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The Xbox 360 NXE Dashboard was released in 2008 to freshen up the Xbox 360 after nearly 3 years of the “blades” dashboard which launched with the Xbox 360 in 2005 ( This Dashboard is version 2.0.8498.0)

12 Comments on “Xbox 360 NXE Dashboard (2.0.8498.0)”

  1. Got my Xbox 360 in 2008, practically grew up with this layout and sound.

    If Microsoft allowed us to prefer our Dashboards, Most people would go for the NXE. For those who got the xbox when it came out, maybe the 2005 dashboard. But I'm sure the polls would go more in favor of NXE.

  2. I honestly love this dashboard, I mean this combined with the old startup and the perfect sounds makes for a good system, I just wish they didn't update this to add the nxe 2.0 with the horrible new intro, And of course the modern dashboard with all the ads, God even thinking about it makes me fucking pissed

  3. I'm happy someone uploaded a very in depth view of the NXE dashboard. I wish it was in 1080p, but this is great nonetheless. I still hate that Microsoft didn't just continue work on this version, because it fit the style of the 360 so perfectly. Now they can't even make a dashboard that doesn't require a damn manual to operate. The current Xbox One dashboard is a disaster.

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