Xbox 360 – Official Skyrim Mods – Dremora Lord Game Save

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x Elysian x Presents

From the collection of Official Skyrim Mods [OSM] the Dremora lord save and video attached, I’d like to say just on a personal note; This game-save has taken 3 months to construct with multiable day & nights being spent attempting to create said save.

The Password to the RAR Files is “xelysianx”

50 Comments on “Xbox 360 – Official Skyrim Mods – Dremora Lord Game Save”

  1. Please make Xbox 360 Race mods and texture packs that will change how cute your character is!! PLEASE!! i have been looking everywhere for Xbox 360 mods that changes the textures and looks of your characters but i have had NO luck at all, i'm kinda getting angry at that fact because i don't like how the original characters look. PLEASE MAKE SOME!

  2. dude elysian you rock man I even use this in 2016 and It still works I also have all ur other mods like solstice and akiviri dude you have revived skyrim for me so much u rule!!!!!!!!!

  3. When I try loading it says that the save relies on content that's no longer present and that some objects may no longer be available which it then proceeds to ask if i want to continue loading and upon clicking yes it gets halfway and then says the disk is unreadable? Any help please?

  4. hey can you guys try to make mods for charecter customization? like add different races, eyes, hairs and stuff?
    they have mods like this on the PC version however i would really like to use it on the xbox version since thats what i play on , can you please please try??

  5. thank you or this mod sicne its not easy to find for the xbox 360 but i had a problem hope you could answer me see the thing is that im not able to change armor if i do well the dremora shows naked it has to use de dremora armor and that part i dint like i also tried youre other save and is the same thing is their a way to be dremora but to be able to stil change to the armors that the game has like the vampire one thank you hope you answer this

  6. Just about to start modding this game, just a few questions to anybody knowing the answers. 1- is there only specific mods for the xbox360 or can I use any mod that would be on a PC eg- armours, weapons, new races, character creation, quests, animations, enemies and general world gameplay. 2- is there a specific site to download the xbox360 mods or is it the same one as the PC? 3- what is the site. 4- is it as easy as it looks to mod the xbox360… Putting my profile/saved game on to my flash drive… Hooking it up to a PC, using horizon, attaching the mod to the profile and hooking the flash drive back up to the xbox360. 5 will skyrim play as normal on a flash drive?. I'll be most grateful for help. Thank you 🙂

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