Xbox 360 VGA Cable + HP A7217A (Sony FW900) CRT Demonstration

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A quick overview of the features offered by the Xbox 360 and its optional VGA cable, shown hooked up to a (rare) 22″ HP/Sony Ultra-HD CRT monitor. Also includes discussion of other uses for the VGA cable on flatpanel HDTVs and monitors.

For what it’s worth, the OEM Microsoft branded VGA cable for the Xbox 360 is fantastic. Not only is it long enough for any setup, it also includes analog audio output leads and still has an optical audio output (same as on the equally-excellent component cable that the system used to come with). As I explain in the video, this is one of the reasons why the humble Xbox 360 is one of the best game consoles ever, at least from a technical and compatibility standpoint. While the PlayStation 3 has some limited support for VGA, only the Xbox 360 has the flexibility to support over a dozen different resolutions in at least four different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 16:10, and 5:4). This feature alone means it’ll work with just about any SD or HD television or monitor that you can plug it into, even the more obscure stuff.

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  1. So I have a Xbox 360 and a Sony pvm and a Sony sd CRT both of which accent component but only as high as 480i. Would hooking the 360 up to either of those be any good? Or should I get a CRT PC monitor?

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