Xbox Kinect Evolution – Xbox 360, Xbox One (2006-2019)

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Xbox 360 Kinect promised to be a new way of playing and experiencing Xbox Gaming. But why did the Xbox Kinect fail? What killed the Kinect? In 2010 the first Xbox Kinect was released and later got a second version with the Xbox One. Several versions of the Xbox Kinect up until the Kinect 2019 exist. Xbox Kinect Evolution from 2006 to 2019. History of Xbox Kinect. Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect failure explained.

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35 Comments on “Xbox Kinect Evolution – Xbox 360, Xbox One (2006-2019)”

  1. I enjoyed the Kinect with my 360. Loved playing “Kinect Sports”. Me and my friends would play boxing and bowling a lot. Didn’t have as much fun with the new Kinect though. It stays unplugged

  2. To me the Kinect was awesome thing. I first tried the Kinect at a friend’s birthday on her Xbox 360. And the only game she had was the Kinect game or something I forgot what it was but I through it was amazing. That Christmas my brother got the new Xbox 360 S with the Kinect for college but I knew the Kinect wouldn’t work in such a small dorm so me and my sister bought it from him and I had a blast. It came with the Kinect game the same one I played at my friend’s house. And later on I did buy Kinect sports and Kinect sports season 2 and bought Kinect Star Wars. And tbh I had blast, yes there were times the deal wouldn’t work it just have a hard time censoring me. But I still loved it. Eventually sell it cause i started to get tired of it and because the 360 was still popular at the time I knew I could sell just the Kinect. I loved it because the technology of it surprised me and I had so many good memories of it.

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