Xbox & PS4 USB Mods in 2019

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Xbox One USB Mods & PS4 USB Mods in 2019? Are COD USB Mods and GTA 5 USB Mods still used til this day? Can you still USB mod? Find out in this video where USB modding is going and what console you can currently mod on

Like for a PS4 USB mod tutorial!

More details on PS4 USB MODS:

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48 Comments on “Xbox & PS4 USB Mods in 2019”

  1. I remember I tried to buy an rgh from your website and you didn’t send it lol got the money back though. I remember feeling gutted man. Good video.

  2. I forgot the name but I USB modded on WaW it was pretty dope I only modded zombies and I could change my rank and classes drop guns change rounds and I always wanted ISO mods lol it was cool when it opened it made a wonder waf sound if that helps find the mods

  3. Yes used to make mods back in the old days I don't bother anymore – I now only make private mods just for me – Got my own modded console and pc so it's not a problem for me – i love my ps4

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