You Were WRONG About Xbox Game Pass | Shocking New Data Shuts The Critics Down Again | Xbox Update

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You Were WRONG About Xbox Game Pass | Crazy New GamePass Data Shuts The Critics Down Once And For All. This is Big!
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Dont say i didn’t warn you..

30 Comments on “You Were WRONG About Xbox Game Pass | Shocking New Data Shuts The Critics Down Again | Xbox Update”

  1. I fully believe the next generation Xbox will be a much better machine. Microsoft know that the Xbox one was ultimately a disappointment and didn't live up to expectations. They are gearing up for a big reveal and have many new exclusive developers hard at work creating new games for them. I've talked about this in detail recently and I think Xbox will get the win next generation

  2. Games pass alone is a reason good enough to go with Xbox. I love it and to be honest do not have a chance to play my own library of bought games on many deals as new great games are regularly coming to Gamepass and I don't want to miss any. Finished Prey (was great), now playing Shadows of TR (great and beautiful) and cant wait to start Wolf New Colossus. Can't be more than happy after strucking a 1/2 price year deal on game pass for 60€. Absolutely recommended.

  3. I’m no fanboy of any one console… I hate all that shit, the fact ‘men’ seem to think there is this make believe war between consoles is just hilarious.
    I just mainly gamed on my Pro purely because of the titles that were available.
    A few titles on my original brick XB1 really let me down, and then when newer titles came out, they came out to poor reviews.
    I purchased an XB1S simply because it was a great 4K Blu-ray player.
    But then a few things started happening and I purchased an X.
    Pretty much, I was impressed, the power and smoothness with the way the games play, how they look, for the price it was amazing.
    I then gave Game Pass a whirl and by god, what a deal! Firstly, 3 months for a £1!! Then the games, Sea Of Thieves is the game it should have been from the start, so much fun, State Of Decay 2 is also great, and Forza Horizon 4 mainly are what I’m playing.
    I will hold my hands up when I’m wrong, I am a sim racing fanatic.
    On my PC and Pro, I was someone that thought a racing game needed to be true physics and using a wheel, couldn’t have fun on a controller.
    Loaded up FH4… found myself playing it with my pals, the entire weekend off work, designing cars, jumping stupid jumps, showboating and being a child ? just loving it.
    Playing in on the X on an Oled seems to be a match made in heaven, but even on the 4K monitor I’m amazed how it runs on the X.
    Totally worth it, great deal at full price with Games Pass.
    I really wish and hope gamers stop dick swinging, arguing about who’s console is best.
    If Xbox gamers realised Sony isn’t Satan and gave it a whirl, they’d find the Pro runs well and has great exclusives.
    On the flip side of that, I wish Playstation gamers would pull their head out their ass, realise they’re as bad as the PC master race assholes, and get a bloody X, even an S!
    4K Blu-ray player, whisper quiet, both stunning looking machines flat or stood up, games pass is the best value on any platform, and Halo, S.O.T, S.O.D, Forza too name a few are incredible games.

  4. Got hooked on the initial £1 a month deal then they kept offering discounts to have it extended so have it extended until February.
    Along with EA Access for price value initially being dismissive I think MS and game download services like EA Access are the future as long as they keep the price point low enough and are able to get good games fairly decent games like Just Cause 4.

  5. its all well and good saying their is currently that figure but they have literally just gave away 3 months of it for a £/$. It will be interesting to see the figures once that offer is over.

    The big thing for it to continually be successful is new 1st party games throughout the year. If you are a thrifty individual for the price you pay for one months of game pass you could buy 1 disc copy of the big triple A games in game pass atm, meaning buy the end of the year you would have 12 games you dont need a pass to play, so their exclusive lineup is important and a steady flow of it.

  6. But in my opinion game pass is yes Superior to a PlayStation now that's until Sony starts putting their new games on itbut I don't have to worry about games on PlayStation now going anywhere anytime soon with Xbox game pass you do

  7. I like PlayStation now because the games actually stay there they don't go anywhere game pass is good for people who don't want to pay $60 for a game and get ripped off so that's the plus about game pass but I hate the fact that games that I play on game pass even if I downloaded them once they leave game pass you cannot play them anymore

  8. My theory about Game Pass being 30% of Xbox revenue:
    If a game is launched by a user, Microsoft receives free, generated money. And with so many games to choose from, more money is generated.

  9. I do not want a games subscription nonsence, Give me physical games to buy and not digital or subscription Bullcrap ? I want to own my games and not renting licence rubbish.

  10. Game Pass -Best thing ever created ?? nothing can stand in there way,Xbox ,and the creators are amazing I love there work and there no way to describe how Good this is for gamers all around the world ❤I would recommend xbox to the entire world and soon Xbox will take the gaming over the gaming world by storm ? and I hope it happens ??

  11. 200 games of which you don't know what they'll remove next. So you start playing a game that might be removed before you finish it, and then start another that might as well he removed. I would like to know if the game I'm currently playing or the game in my "to-play-list" is going to be removed soon so that I can either try to finish it on time, or not start it at all. Without the dates this service turned out to be completely useless to me. Buy subscription to play the game until it gets removed without a prior notice, then buy the game to finish playing? No thanks.

  12. Honestly? At first I wasn’t sure about Game Pass because it felt a bit gimmicky but I was sooo wrong!!! I genuinely love it now and I look forward to seeing what new games we’re getting every month now ?

    Best thing Xbox has ever done by far! I’ve plays so many new games I would t have ordinarily ever paid for and I’ve found loads of hidden gems!

    GG Xbox. GG!

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