Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Cheats Codes Tips & Secrets Archive (PS4)

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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Cheats Codes Tips & Secrets Archive (PS4)

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Boost Your Score:
Get Zen’s Earth’s Blessing skill, if you want to boost your Score early. It doubles the Score obtained from killing mobs. It costs 5 SP to purchase and has a prerequisite skill at a cost of 1 SP.

Plated Gloves:
Craft the Plated Gloves as soon as you gind the Work Gloves item in the beginning dungeon. It requires 1 Work Gloves and 1 Scrap Metal to make. It doesn’t have much ATK power, but it lets the person wearing it carry an additional 10.0 kg.

If you need help with any of these trophies, or have additional information, please comment. The list may include secret trophies, if applicable to this game.
Note: these trophies have been translated from Japanese using Google Translate.

Get all (Platinum):
I got all the trophies.

Deep truth (Gold):
I solved the last mystery in the white-white nanotechnology research institute and researched the information in the room ahead.

A note of connection (Gold):
I got a note from all the drifting ruins.

Life improvement of Galeki island (Gold):
Maximized the level of all facilities.

Editor of “lazy” (Silver):
I got all the Shigabane of the day of the night Haru.

Artist of “Samurai” (Silver):
I got all of Shikabune of Mikahana Ryo.

Farmers of “rage” (Silver):
We acquired all Shiga Springs of Tsubame-Hotaden.

Doctor of “greed” (Silver):
Obtained all single leaf Mamoru shigafane.

“Syddy” florist (Silver):
I acquired all Shigano springs of Rinno Hino.

A “rich eating” lady (Silver):
I got all the white kuma shigasune.

“Arrogant” police officer (Silver):
All Shiga Springs of Setouchi Minamo were acquired.

Girl of “original sin” (Silver):
We acquired all Shiga Springs of Hirasaka Sachika.

Tie destruction (Silver):
I destroyed the part of the necktie of the lazy cree.

Beard destruction (Silver):
I destroyed the beard of the furious creeper.

School bag destruction (Silver):
Destroyed the arrogant creature’s school bag.

Dress destruction (Silver):
I destroyed the part of the ritual ritual dress.

Crocodile head destruction (Silver):
I destroyed the head of the bearded creature.

Flower destruction (Silver):
I destroyed the part of the lustre flower.

Armor Destruction (Silver):
Destroyed all Armor in Full Amarck Rothke.

Pseudo crione destruction (Silver):
Destroyed all parts of the Extended Terrasima’s pseudo-clione.

Gamer who is a runner (Silver):
I entered the ranking of Steme Sky.

Silver strike! (Bronze):
I used Silverst.

FINAL STAGE clear (Silver):
Finish FINAL STAGE “Can’t restore Humpty”.

Score ranking victory! (Bronze):
Filled out all of the Extended Machine score rankings with my own records.

Black smith (Bronze):
Weapons strengthened to +99.

Cooking master (Bronze):
I made all the dishes.

Moth (Bronze):
Raised all my friends to the maximum.

Prologue clear (Bronze):
I cleared the prologue.

STAGE01 clear (Bronze):
Cleared STAGE 01 “Solomon Grandy”.

STAGE02 clear (Bronze):
Cleared STAGE 02 “I’m Monkey”.

STAGE03 clear (Bronze):
Cleared STAGE03 “I have vowed not to steal anymore”.

STAGE04 clear (Bronze):
Completed STAGE 04 “Cold Stone Tomb”.

STAGE05 clear (Bronze):
Cleared STAGE 05 “From then on, round and round”.

STAGE06 clear (Bronze):
Completed STAGE06 “Pretty Beautiful Princess”.

STAGE07 clear (Bronze):
Cleared STAGE 07 “I’m Alone for a Boya”.

Central tower breakthrough (Bronze):
Break through the central tower of the white research institute of nanotechnology.

Crione (Bronze):
I used a clione.

Sorrow (Bronze):

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